“Dream and Hope Toy Box”

Isn’t it okay to have a “dream” as the purpose of learning in life.

Rather, it is very important to be able to learn while chasing dreams.

Having a dream is a learning of life.

About the competition

The 1st Yamaguchi International Dance Competition

The 2nd Yamaguchi International Dance Competition


Commendation / scholarship

■ All departments

 1st to 3rd place/Certificate/Supplementary prize

 4th to 8th place/certificate


■ Instructor Award

 Best Instructor Award/1st place instructor in each division (certificate/supplementary prize)

 Excellent Instructor Award/2nd and 3rd place instructors in each division (certificate/supplementary prize)




 Yamaguchi Prefectural Governor’s Award/Yamaguchi Prefectural Board of Education Superintendent’s Award (certificate)

 Shunan City Mayor’s Award/Shunan City Board of Education Superintendent’s Award (certificate/supplementary prize)

 Yamaguchi IDC Award (Toyama International Dance Competition entry fee/WS tuition free)

 Chacott Award (certificate/supplementary prize)


■ Scholarship

2024 Russia State Novosibirsk Ballet School Summer School Participation Permission



・Permission to participate in the 2024 Vaganova Ballet Academy Summer School



・Rudolf Nureyev Memorial Russian State Ufa Ballet School Admission 2024-2025


・Russia National Novosibirsk Ballet School Admission 2024-2025


・December 2023 Kiev National Ballet exchange performance permission


・Russia Ballet Summer Camp 2024in Japan Russian Ballet Summer Camp 2024 Japan


・Georgia State Ballet School internship program 2024
 Georgian National Ballet School Short-Term Training Course 2024


・Tajikistan Ayni Opera and Ballet Theater internship program
 Tajikistan National Ballet Training Program


・Tallinn Ballet School Summer School 2024 (Estonia)

・Victoria International Ballet Academy Summer School 2024 (Canada)


● Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School

・2024 Summer Intensive (5 weeks curriculum)

Full scholarship (tuition fee and accommodation fee exemption)

Can be awarded to 2 people (ages 15-21)


・2024 Summer Intensive (5 weeks curriculum)


8 people can be awarded (15 to 21 years old)



■ ARCHITANZ Training Program
Website: http://atp.a-tanz.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/archi_training_program/


1) Architects Training Program Entrance Recommendation
As a final audition, it is possible to take a short-term training course where you can attend a program class or a free workshop.


2) Architects Training Program Workshop discount
It is the right to attend the seasonal workshop hosted by the Architects Training Program at a discounted price.
The fall workshop to be held in early November 2023 will be eligible.



* Judges may be judged remotely depending on the situation of the new coronavirus in Japan and overseas.

Work shop



Theater jazz


WS Instructor Genre Event date Time
Shintaro Hirahara Contemporary 8/18(fry) 14:30~16:00
Keiji Kato Theater jazz 8/18(fry) 16:15~17:45
Song Yi


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/18(fry) 18:00~19:30
Iaroslav Salenko


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/18(fry) 19:45~21:15
Emi Hariyama


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/19(sta) 15:00~16:30
Nao Sakuma


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/19(sta) 16:45~18:15
Yoshiaki Nakano


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/19(sta) 18:30~20:00

* About 5 people will be selected from the Theater Jazz participants, and will be held on the 20th (Sunday).
“You will appear in the exhibition.”
*Theater Jazz students are kindly requested to upload their own information before taking the course.
* Bibs are not required when attending WS.
*Reception will start 30 minutes before the start of the WS.
*Tuition fee: 5,000 yen per lesson (90 minutes)


Yamaguchi International Dance Competition Executive Committee

[Honorary Advisor]

Member of the House of Representatives Masahiro Koumura
Mayor of Shunan City Ritsuko Hujii
Shunan City Superintendent of Education Kazuhiko Koto