“Dream and Hope Toy Box”

Isn’t it okay to have a “dream” as the purpose of learning in life.

Rather, it is very important to be able to learn while chasing dreams.

Having a dream is a learning of life.

We will hold a world-view initiative called this international dance competition in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

By holding it every year, more people can have hopes and dreams.

It’s a toy box for life. Exciting and fun. And important.

“Dream and hope toy box” as a catchphrase

We propose this project so that the area will be lively and serve as a sample for other prefectures.

About the competition


Participation in the competition




* Judges may be judged remotely depending on the situation of the new coronavirus in Japan and overseas.

Work shop



Jazz dance



workshop instructor contents date time
Soh Soo Ji contemporary 8/20(fri) 14:30~16:00
Song Yi classic 8/20(fri) 16:15~17:45
Emi Hariyama classic 8/20(fri) 18:00~19:30(elementary school students)
Emi Hariyama  classic 8/20(fri) 19:45~21:15(junior high schooler)
Song Yi classic 8/21(sat) 17:00~18:30
Soh Soo Ji jazz dance 8/22(sun) 13:00~14:30
Akihito Ichihara contemporary 8/22(sun) 14:45~16:15


■ WS reception start: February 1, 2021

■ WS tuition fee: 5,000 yen each (3,000 yen for K-POP only)

■ WS tuition fee transfer destination: Saikyo Bank Onoda Branch (Public) 2058126

Representative of Yamaguchi international dance competition executive committee Ryuko Tsuboi


Please specify W (WS tuition fee) E (entry fee) in front of your name when transferring the entry fee and WS fee. (W / E for both simultaneous transfers)


【To those who wish to attend WS】
※There is no age limit at the moment, but if there are many applicants,I will divide the classes.
(Please note that the time may vary slightly in the case of classification.)

※If the corona makes it difficult for foreign judges to enter the country,an online screening will be conducted. 
※If it is difficult to move, both domestically and internationally,due to corona, all competitions will be made online,and galaperformances,and WS will be canceled. 


Gala performance performers Konstantin Novoshorov and Kang Mison were unable to come to Japan due to lack of vaccination.

Therefore, the performers of the gala performance will be changed to SONG YI, Saho Shibayama, Aimi Hariyama, and others.


Gala performance August 22 (Sun) 19: 00- (planned)

(Subject to change depending on the number of entries)


Performance ticket price

Advance sale 2,000 yen

3,000 yen on the day


* Please receive the ticket at the reception desk on the day of the event.

* Reservations can be made from HP inquiries.



Problem due to the coronavirus

About correspondence in case of closure of venue facility or admission restriction


From the perspective of preventing the spread of the new corona virus, even if there is no choice but to restrict the closure or admission of the competition venue facilities

With Zoom and other internet distribution, we will judge in real time instead of screening applications by recording.

Utilizing various media such as video distribution, we will carry out creative activities to deliver cultural and artistic activities to a wide range of people.

Don’t think that cultural and artistic activities are unnecessary and urgent in the era of With Corona After Corona

We aim to create a project that evokes “impression” so that neither children nor adults will give up their dreams.

Yamaguchi International Dance Competition Executive Committee

[Secretariat (operation management)]

Executive Committee Chairman Ryuko Tsuboi (Representative of JUMPING JACK)
Deputy Executive Committee Chair Junko Ikeda (Representative of Studio Felice)
Management Manager Kihomi Matsuo (Representative of Beat History)
Secretary General Izumi Seike (Representative of Izumi Ballet Studio)
Committee member Kazuya Waki ​​(President of Ube Nippo)
  Miwa Hamamoto (Representative of Ishii Ballet)
  Eiji Yanagida (President and CEO, Yanagida)
  Nobutoshi Akimoto (Chairman of Ube City PTA Association)
  Sousiro Namino (WAN Instructor)
  Kumiko Matsuki (Atelier La Traviata)
Audit Takuya Yamada (WAN representative)
  Sayuri Otani (Deputy Representative of Beat History)

[Honorary Advisor]

Member of the House of Representatives Takeo Kawamura
Mayor of Ube Keiji Shinozaki
Ube City Superintendent of Education Shogo Noguchi
Ube City Council Member Hiroyoshi Iba