Soh Soo Ji

The dance specialty doctorate acquisition that is a graduate from Hanyang Univ. Graduate School for 2,018 years

The 2013 Kyonggi Univ. dance drama master acquisition



Representative of 2017 through 2020 dance Festival Sydney carnival Seoul International

2016 through 2020 Hanyang Univ. future talent education center part-time teacher

2018 through 2020 JYP Entertainment jazz trainer

2016-2020 nine states a year international dance competition judge

Director 2016 through 2019 PAS movement, CEO (CEO)

2018 through 2019 Woo rim entertainment Modern dance instructor

2012 through 2016 Seoul Institute of the Arts dance chairman

Jazz instructs it in Seoul language school for 2006 through 2008

Instructor 1999 through 2000 Myondong YMCA jazz


Production, choreography

2018 through 2019 101JBJ concert choreography, producer

2017 through 2017 CJ boy 24 concert choreography

2016 Musical “Dorian Gray” choreography

2012 M-net Dancing9 PlusEdition commentator

2011 through 2012 musical “high five” choreography

2013 SoMuntaku concert choreography supervision

2006 through 2017 PAS SHOW plan, production director