Shintaro Hirahara

Shintaro Hirahara

Born in Hokkaido in 1981.

After a career in classical ballet and hip hop, he has been active as a dancer, choreographer, stage composer, and dance instructor as a contemporary dance expert.

In addition, he presides over the dance company [Organ Works] and engages in creative activities.

In Japan, as a staging for theatrical works such as Akira Shirai and Keishi Nagatsuka
While participating, he also collaborates with Shintaro Oue, Mirai Moriyama, Carmen Werner, and others as dancers, and also actively interacts with artists in other fields, such as collaborations with artists Chiharu Shiota and Midori Harima, and also in China overseas. , Exchange with artists with Korea, Spain and Scotland, and provide choreography.

The special feature of the magazine “BRUTUS” “The next person. -Selected in the performing arts category in “Catalog of People Who Change Tomorrow”.


2013 9 months training in Spain by dispatched overseas training for up-and-coming artists from the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Received the 2015 Otaru City Cultural Encouragement Award.

Won the Choreographer Award and Audience Award for the next generation at the 2016 Toyota Choreography Awards.

Received the 2017 Japan Dance Forum and Dance Forum Awards.

Choreographer for the 2020 TOKYO 2020 Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremony