Keiji Kato


I learn jazz, ballet from Kanazawa-shi Arusu dancing studio, Mr. Yoko Sonoda in 1978

I learn in Kayoko Nagura jazz studio in 1980, and a company performance participates

I dance and study in world magic Hawaii meeting participation/New York in 1983

A joining an organization/mist ferries position appears by an audition of CATS in the theatrical company `SHIKI` in 1984

1998 Nagano Olympics opening ceremony choreography

2001 Milan Scala Theater of Milan two-run homer dot choreography

2015 D23EXPO JAPAN constitution/direction (the theatrical company `SHIKI`)

Theatrical company `SHIKI` musical “Aladdin” premiere supervisor

2016 theatrical company `SHIKI` musical “West Side Story” assistant director

2018 theatrical company `SHIKI` musical “Katz” choreography

Theatrical company `SHIKI` dismissal from an organization

2019 Masanobu Takashima reading session “escapee with the hot-water bottle” appearance

Man appearance to sell Mr. Keita Asari mourning performance memory

HOMURA produce establishment (active as a creator, an actor in the workshop center)


Theatrical company four seasons musical

The part of part of CATS mist ferries, West Side Story Bernardo

The part of A Chorus Line rucksack/microphone/Bobby/Lichii

Utah and the part of mysterious friends Utah position, Hans Niels

Kurouemonbou, Sunday is the part of home run sulesu no use

Part of crazy four you Bobby, song & dance dancer

The part of children Bob in a theatrical company four seasons family musical, the storm

The part of cat Lionel who wanted to become a human being, naked King slippers position

Play work straight in the part of snow child GEN/kidnapping, the theatrical company four seasons

Solutions collect the part of Equus alane the part of Ondiinu fisherman; or Akira Muraki compulsory labor

The part of man common crier selling a memory


Main choreography work

the dream that came out of CATS Ebita asupects of love Utah and mysterious friends, a dream

Dream, foreign hill, Southern Cross, Kurouemon of song & dance (all 9 series), John Manjiro

LOTTE, the song of snow child, two people is a friend


Receiving a prize career

As soon as bloom the third in 1985; this flower Prize rookie of the year title

The 1993 44th recommendation of art public entertainment section rookie of the year title

1994 first Yomiuri drama award best actor Prize

Prize for 2001 Matsuo entertainment dramA award for excellenceg