About Yamaguchi international dance competition holding

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the 2nd Yamaguchi International Dance Competition in 2022 for over 200 entries from all over the world, which has been in trouble due to the corona crisis.


We are still in a situation where we cannot predict what will happen to the coronavirus, but we will do our best to create opportunities for the people of the prefecture, who are suffering from stress due to the corona virus, to experience art and culture that will enrich their hearts. just do things.


In the future, we hope to contribute to the revitalization of Yamaguchi Prefecture and help the development of art and culture.

About a 2019 contest

I investigate it than ballet information portal site

83 local contests

52 national target contests

Eight international target contests

Area of the inner international contest

One Fukuoka, Saitama one, Hiroshima one, Tokyo two, Kanagawa two, Okinawa one


A ballet contest is held in so each places of the whole country, but technique improvement and the human resources who it is, and are used in the world can bring by holding an international contest from the reality that there are few international contests with the scholarship (right of the studying abroad) where there is the international experience. I can list it in a resume when I gain the results in the international contest.


I think that necessary for the field of art development, upbringing education, local construction, economic development, this contest with much possibility.


【The 3rd Yamaguchi International Dance Competition】

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Ballet shoes section

A (6-9 years old)(man and woman)
B (10-14 years old)(man and woman)
Adult ballet section
(including ensemble)
A (18-years old …)(man and woman)
Contemporary section
(I include a jazz modern interpretive dance)
Solo youth A (6-17 years old)
Solo youth B (18- years old …)
Ensemble group (8 years old …)
Barrier-free section No genreless order charge account
(there is a certificate of merit for all the members)

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Classic section(male and female)

A (9-11 years old) 
B (12-14 years old) 
C (15-17 years old) 
D (18- years old) 

I plan 200 number of the total entries

*The full age as of April 1, 2023.



Commendation / scholarship

■ All departments

 1st to 3rd place/Certificate/Supplementary prize

 4th to 8th place/certificate


■ Instructor Award

 Best Instructor Award/1st place instructor in each division (certificate/supplementary prize)

 Excellent Instructor Award/2nd and 3rd place instructors in each division (certificate/supplementary prize)




 Yamaguchi Prefectural Governor’s Award/Yamaguchi Prefectural Board of Education Superintendent’s Award (certificate)

 Shunan City Mayor’s Award/Shunan City Board of Education Superintendent’s Award (certificate/supplementary prize)

 Yamaguchi IDC Award (Toyama International Dance Competition entry fee/WS tuition free)

 Chacott Award (certificate/supplementary prize)


■ Scholarship

2024 Russia State Novosibirsk Ballet School Summer School Participation Permission


・Permission to participate in the 2024 Vaganova Ballet Academy Summer School


・Rudolf Nureyev Memorial Russian State Ufa Ballet School Admission 2024-2025


・Russia National Novosibirsk Ballet School Admission 2024-2025


・December 2023 Kiev National Ballet exchange performance permission


・Russia Ballet Summer Camp 2024in Japan Russian Ballet Summer Camp 2024 Japan


・Georgia State Ballet School internship program 2024
 Georgian National Ballet School Short-Term Training Course 2024


・Tajikistan Ayni Opera and Ballet Theater internship program
 Tajikistan National Ballet Training Program


・Tallinn Ballet School Summer School 2024 (Estonia)

・Victoria International Ballet Academy Summer School 2024 (Canada)


● Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School

・2024 Summer Intensive (5 weeks curriculum)

Full scholarship (tuition fee and accommodation fee exemption)

Can be awarded to 2 people (ages 15-21)


・2024 Summer Intensive (5 weeks curriculum)


8 people can be awarded (15 to 21 years old)



■ ARCHITANZ Training Program


1) Architects Training Program Entrance Recommendation
As a final audition, it is possible to take a short-term training course where you can attend a program class or a free workshop.


2) Architects Training Program Workshop discount
It is the right to attend the seasonal workshop hosted by the Architects Training Program at a discounted price.
The fall workshop to be held in early November 2023 will be eligible.

Work shop



Theater jazz


WS Instructor Genre Event date Time
Shintaro Hirahara Contemporary 8/18(fry) 14:30~16:00
Keiji Kato Theater jazz 8/18(fry) 16:15~17:45
Song Yi


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/18(fry) 18:00~19:30
Iaroslav Salenko


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/18(fry) 19:45~21:15
Emi Hariyama


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/19(sta) 15:00~16:30
Nao Sakuma


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/19(sta) 16:45~18:15
Yoshiaki Nakano


(Beginner / Intermediate)

8/19(sta) 18:30~20:00

* About 5 people will be selected from the Theater Jazz participants, and will be held on the 20th (Sunday).
“You will appear in the exhibition.”
*Theater Jazz students are kindly requested to upload their own information before taking the course.
* Bibs are not required when attending WS.
*Reception will start 30 minutes before the start of the WS.
*Tuition fee: 5,000 yen per lesson (90 minutes)


Competition participation rule

Entry period

■A start: March 1, 2023

■The deadline: July 20, 2023


About examination

・I examine a technique, artistry, musicality, power of expression, the future generally.

・After having given a number with the average of the score of the judge, the order is decided by a judge meeting

・The judge performs the examination that is careful selection without unfairness regardless of nationality, an area.

・When there are few entry people, it may be by a section when it does not reach the minimum score saying “there is no applicable person”.

・Only as for all section final elections (do not perform the qualifier)

・I do not accept the statement about the examination result at all.



・On the day, as for the sound source, only a CD becomes the bringing. ※You bring two pieces by all means, and please submit it.

・The use music sets up the thing which only one piece entered in CD1 piece (the thing which can reproduce in CD players not compressed files such as mp3).

・Enter the entry number, entry name, program, appearance (good / bad), and sound (sound tip / with board / kick) on the CD disc.

・If you exceed the time limit, you will be disqualified. Classic within 3 minutes(Does not include conversion time), Contemporary ensemble group Barrier-free within 4 minutes(Does not include conversion time).

・If there is a possibility that copyright will be generated for choreography and music, the secretariat will handle the procedure.

・You give the stage make, and you wear clothes, and please perform.

・If you would like to order Paddu, please use Entre, Adagio, and Coder without a time limit.

・A thing of the degree that can carry it in the participant before performance time is best as for the small tools with the use.

・A leader and a protector cannot enter the stage sleeve before appearance.


Participation entry expense

■One branch of 25,000 yen

■Ensemble group 30,000 yen … (every one addition 5,000 yen)

■In the case of participation, it is 35,000 yen in two people

■In the case of participation, it is 50,000 yen in five people

■Copyright application fee, it is 1,500 yen

※In the case of an ensemble group, please transfer it with the full name of the representative.


It becomes the entry completion if I can identify the receipt of money as an application.

When you reached the capacity, please be careful as you have priority over both one that you were able to confirm.

・I refund an amount of money that deducted transfer fee and office work fee 500 yen when an amount of money is performed transfer of by mistake.

・I cannot refund the participation entry expense after the application at all.

・You suffer from a contest participation when a Web application was transmitted, and, in the case of cancellation, please pay an entry expense.

・Please transfer the entry expense with a full name of a participant by all means.



Saikyo Bank Onoda Branch (savings account) 2058126

Representative of Yamaguchi international dance competition executive committee Ryuko Tsuboi



 ・ You cannot submit the application for participation or change the application details after acceptance.

 ・ If you want to abstain, please be sure to contact us before the competition.

 ・ If you violate the entry rules, you will be disqualified.

 ・ You are responsible for any personal accidents or injuries caused during the event.

 ・ If the equipment in the venue is damaged, you will be required to pay for it individually.


Handling of personal information

 ・ Personal information entered will be strictly protected and managed, and will not be used for anything other than the operation of the competition.

 ・ Winners will be posted with information on their names, affiliated organizations,nationalities, and regions.

 ・ Personal portrait rights such as photos, videos, and videos being held will be entrusted to the organizer and will be posted on printed matter, website, and SNS.


[the secretariat]

〒 757-0001 Sanyo-Onoda-shi, Yamaguchi larger section of a village Asa 690-59

Agree to a participation rule; and an entry