About Yamaguchi international dance competition holding

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the 2nd Yamaguchi International Dance Competition in 2022 for over 200 entries from all over the world, which has been in trouble due to the corona crisis.


We are still in a situation where we cannot predict what will happen to the coronavirus, but we will do our best to create opportunities for the people of the prefecture, who are suffering from stress due to the corona virus, to experience art and culture that will enrich their hearts. just do things.


In the future, we hope to contribute to the revitalization of Yamaguchi Prefecture and help the development of art and culture.

About a 2019 contest

I investigate it than ballet information portal site

83 local contests

52 national target contests

Eight international target contests

Area of the inner international contest

One Fukuoka, Saitama one, Hiroshima one, Tokyo two, Kanagawa two, Okinawa one


A ballet contest is held in so each places of the whole country, but technique improvement and the human resources who it is, and are used in the world can bring by holding an international contest from the reality that there are few international contests with the scholarship (right of the studying abroad) where there is the international experience. I can list it in a resume when I gain the results in the international contest.


I think that necessary for the field of art development, upbringing education, local construction, economic development, this contest with much possibility.


【The 4th Yamaguchi International Dance Competition】

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Commendation / scholarship

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Work shop


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